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The twin 8mm diameter horizontal rods each side of the 6mm diameter verticals makes the panels rigid and resistant to impact and vandalism. At the top of the panel the vertical rods extend by 30mm to give a degree of anti climb protection. The posts are set at 2.5m  centres. Mesh size 200 x 50mm resistance welded at each intersection. The use of galvanised wire and polyester coating give a long life expectancy and low maintenance. Available in a range of heights and colours.





Steel palisade fencing can be used for all grades of security from simple boundary definition to high security protection. It has a more robust construction using angle rails and corrugated vertical pales with a choice of pale toppings. Various security toppings can be fitted in high security applications.  A range of angle and pale thickness gives options for economy and strength. It can be used on uneven terrain. The fencing is hot-dipped galvanised to provide long term corrosion resistance, and can be polyester powder coated to give an aesthetic appearance. It is available in a range of heights.



Roll Top Fencing

This mesh panel system is commonly used for nursery and play areas since the rolled beam section at the top and bottom edge leave no sharp edges and give maximum rigidity. The posts are set at 3.025m centres. Mesh size 150 X 50mm with 5mm diameter wire that is resistance welded  at each intersection. the use of galvanised wire and polyester coated wire gives a long service life and low maintenance. There are many height options available with a wide range of colour options.



EMS Fencing

Ideal for nursery and play areas virtually dog proof difficult to climb and still with excellent through visibility. Available in many heights it is constructed of hot dipped galvanised steel and available in a wide range of polyester powder coated colours.



Ballcourt & Ball Stop Fencing

A wide range of fencing systems are available for ball stop fencing including rebound boards and multi height panel system.



Fencing Designed for your application

Many combinations can be adapted to suit virtually any type of installation please call for a site visit.